Family Dynamics & Education

For family wealth to be sustainable over multiple generations, it is essential for each family member to be educated and engaged as participating owners. This is accomplished by respecting the individual ideas, values and unique perspectives that each family member brings to the table.

For enduring success, the family dynamic should be organized to assist younger members with education and developing their individual skills and talents. When properly nurtured and fostered, these next-generation custodians will feel comfortable that their contributions are valued and respected- thus preserving the ideals of the entire family eco-system.

As many would think, education in financial and business matters is important. Even those who are not naturally inclined toward these subjects need to have a fundamental knowledge to not only ensure their own personal welfare, but to become contributors to the family’s success.

One of the greatest risks to the family’s wealth is the manner in which they interact with one another. Often with competing interests and individual objectives, a divisive family dynamic can be a recipe for disaster. Rarely spoken about, these issues are directly related to the effective management of the family’s financial and material wealth.

Aspen Family Office offers you educational opportunities that are custom fit to your family’s needs.

Some of these include education on:

  • Family governance: What it is and how it can help your family preserve its unity, its legacy, and its joy
  • How to utilize your family advisors as a team for achieving your family’s goals
  • The sources of greatest risk to your family’s future and the tools to help you manage them
  • Financial and business basics for dynamic owners
  • The difference between managing an operating company and liquid wealth: What every family needs to know before they sell the family business
  • Grooming family leadership apprentices: when to start and how
  • How to engage every member of your family in preserving wealth from generation to generation
  • How misunderstanding different generational perspectives set up roles for family members that become permanent threats to family wealth development and contribution
  • Alignment of intellectual, social, and human wealth with the management of financial and material wealth

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