Aspen Family office

Aspen Family Office is your private team of professionals that centralize the management of all forms of your wealth, coordinating all of your advisors and guiding them to focus on your definition of success, not theirs. Every service we offer is designed to simplify your life, deliver expert advice and create efficiencies of time management. The resulting effect from this team approach is holistic advice and a single point of Contact for all of your financial and personal needs.

The History of the Family Office

The original U.S. family offices were created by wealthy merchants early in the 19th century who hired trusted comrades or advisors to oversee their wealth and provide for their families while they were traveling.


Traditionally, a family office was a private group of advisors and staff hired to work exclusively for a family of wealth. These were the first fiduciary relationships. They represented the foundation for the relationships provided by bank trust officers, which blossomed during the Industrial Revolution.



Family Office Services

We will integrate your entire team of professionals within a flat fee structure so that you have a single point of Contact for all of your needs. We offer a safe environment and pledge to make your family office experience exactly what you want it to be.







Financial Planning

We have adopted a process that focuses on one thing… ensuring that our clients experience the dreams of their one life to live. The premise of this advising discipline is that we attempt to exceed the unique goals that each of our clients deeply value. We achieve this while at the same time minimizing investment risk and never asking that our clients make any undue sacrifices to their lifestyle.



Investment Management

Aspen Wealth Management creates custom investment portfolios for each and every client. Because our process starts with developing a comprehensive financial plan that defines your goals, objectives and priorities, we are able to build an investment portfolio that will deliver on these criteria.







The process of evaluating the insurance amount and term needed, selecting the type and product, and organizing applications from the multitude of providers can be very difficult and time consuming. Aspen Wealth Management will advise you and manage the application process without bias to any specific product or insurance company.




Estate Planning

At Aspen, we believe that wealth management is so much more than managing your assets and creating a financial plan. That’s why we work closely with your tax professionals and attorneys to not only protect and grow your wealth, but make sure your legacy lives on through your family and philanthropic desires.





Tax Planning & Preparation

As your wealth grows, so too does the importance and complexity of issues surrounding tax. Gone are the days where you simply prepared a return. As a successful business owner, corporate executive or investor you may have multiple sources of income or complicated partnerships that require sophisticated and integrated tax advice and planning.



Retirement Income Planning

Planning how much income, what the appropriate withdrawal rate is and from where retirement income will come is as important as creating the nest egg in the first place! Retirement income planning maps out the annual and monthly cash flows necessary to fund your lifestyle and protects against portfolio volatility that may impair liquidity.



529 College Savings Plans

With an education savings plan in place, your savings can grow and compound, giving your child the freedom to choose which institution is right when it´s time. At Aspen Wealth Management we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you build 529 college savings plans so you can save for higher education on a tax-advantaged basis.



Family Dynamics & Education

For family wealth to be sustainable over multiple generations, it is essential for each family member to be educated and engaged as participating owners. This is accomplished by respecting the individual ideas, values and unique perspectives that each family member brings to the table.




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