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Ron Ron Saleh
Concierge & Special Services

As an international logistics management specialist, Ron has an unmatched expertise in managing logistics for high profile & exclusive clients. He has organized and produced some of the world’s most historical events and provided luxury services and travel accommodations for Presidents, international governments as well as heads of Fortune 500 companies and brands. With over 17 years of White House and top-tier executive government experience, his exclusive list of contacts will allow you to tap into the best resources available. He will create the world’s most memorable and dazzling experience in a magnificent destination or make life at home simple and pleasant with the added comforts of trust and the reliability you deserve. All tailored to your timeline, budget and specifications. You and your business represent an accomplished organization worthy of this bespoke service.

Together, we can create the best of the best for your business or personal needs.

Ron joins Aspen Family Office as a personal and family services specialist to make life’s details easier to manage.