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MindBody Fitness
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Washington, DC 20012

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Philip Bergman
(202) 316-8282

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Our company offers an integrative and holistic approach to assist our clients in achieving optimal
health and wellness. The foundation of our approach is through wellness or lifestyle coaching –
a process that allows the individual to gain clarity and purpose in identifying and developing
attainable goals, navigating any obstacles and creating strategies to achieve success and life
balance. Our program is individually tailored and encompasses the following:

1. Health History and Risk Appraisal

2. Personalized Exercise Design

– Biomechanical and Postural Analyses
– Functional Training Program
– Nutritional and Metabolic Profile
– Sport – Specific Conditioning

3. Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

– Integrative Mind- Body Approach
– Power of Positive Thinking
– Successful Goal Setting
– Behavior Modification Concepts and Implementation
– Time and Stress Management Skill Development

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Holistic Health and Performance
(240) 499-4240

Daniel Brafman is a Holistic Health and Performance Coach specializing in Corrective Exercise Kinesiology and Lifestyle Coaching.

Programming and Coaching Services

  • Nutrition counseling that focuses on individual needs with organic, local, and seasonal whole
    foods as the foundation.
  • Exercise prescription based on your goals, thorough postural, orthopedic, functional, and
    historical assessments.
  • Harmonize your life by mastering and balancing: thoughts, breathing, drinking quality water,
    eating for your individual needs, exercise, and sleep.
  • Executive coaching emphasizes making the best choice from what’s available.