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Aspen Wealth Management includes the following services under its flexible compensation arrangements:

  • Asset management of all accounts held directly or indirectly (e.g., 401k, pension or other outside accounts)
  • Development of your family’s retirement plan, education plan, and all other manners of financial planning.
  • We take the lead on identifying estate planning needs including but not limited to: basic family planning documents like wills, appropriate trusts and LLCs to be established, gifting and charitable strategies to reduce taxable estate. We work directly with the estate attorneys that you have relationships with or engage ours on your behalf to establish recommended documents.
  • We work directly with your tax professionals (or ours) on your behalf to ease the burden of interfacing on your personal tax matters.
  • Evaluate your family insurance needs and advise if additional amounts for family income protection or investment are advisable. Further, we will request quotes, manage applications and ensure proposed policies are established and titled correctly in appropriate trusts.

We invite you to contact us to see of we are the right fit for your wealth management needs.